Home NEWS Youtuber turns GameCube into Switch dock

Youtuber turns GameCube into Switch dock

Youtuber turns GameCube into Switch dock

Known for his ingenious creations involving consoles, youtuber Dorison Hugo, from Channel Rated-e Mods, this week released a video of his latest Frankenstein project: a dock for the Switch built from a GameCube.

To create the new dock, Hugo began the process by creating a 3D printed model of the Switch’s original dock, including just a few customizations to fit it better into the GameCube.

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The next step was to hack the Game Cube’s own chassis with an electric saw after removing all internal systems – which created the span where the new custom dock was fitted.

Finally, youtuber still uses a Wii U adapter to link a GameCube controller to the Switch dock, which allows Nintendo’s newest console games to be controlled through the accessory – including Super Mario Odyssey and  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You can check out each of the steps of creating the Game Cube dock in the video above.


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