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YouTube will have its own stories

YouTube will have its own stories

The function of history, which first appeared in Snapchat, was such a good idea that other applications, like Instagram, also added it. And now YouTube will do it.

Today it became known about the new YouTube feature called “Reels”. The function works the same as the stories in Snapchat and Instagram. With it, YouTube users can create short videos. Functions will be dedicated to a separate tab on the channel, so finding stories will be easy.

YouTube Reels video
                           YouTube Reels video

But there are several features. First, video recordings will not be temporary, i.e. they will not disappear within 24 hours after publication. Secondly, each Reel is a collection of several video recordings, and users will be able to create several such collections.

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Each video can last up to 30 seconds, and you can add text and filters to it. In addition, there will be new stickers, with which help with such a short video can be transferred to the usual.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube realizes its idea with the stories of “Reels”, and how it manifests itself in practice (in the application and on the site), without loading users who are accustomed to the old interface.

Now the new function is tested on a small number of YouTube users, and it is not known when it will appear at all.



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