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Youtube tests a new feature long requested for web

Youtube is currently one of the most popular websites in the world. In addition to Google and Facebook research, the video platform has grown insanely in recent years.

From amateur videos to higher quality productions, YouTube is no longer just the place for youtubers. Growth has attracted renowned brands and even TV channels.

The new YouTube functionality for subscribers to the “RED” service brings the famous picture-in-picture to the WEB version of the website.

This feature is no longer new on smartphones and was well accepted as soon as it arrived. Picture-in-picture allows the user to continue searching for new videos while the video being played continues in the bottom corner of the smartphone.

Youtube picture-in-picture is only available in certain countries

The same happens in the WEB version of the users “RED”. By clicking on the Youtube homepage or by simple searches, the video that is playing will go immediately to the lower right corner.

The user can then stop the video playback with the same commands as the player. When you click on a new video the window disappears to give priority to the new choice.


Unfortunately, only “RED” users have this possibility and however attractive the service is still not available in Portugal. In addition to giving us this functionality, Youtube RED also offers videos without exclusive advertising and series.

There are no subscription arrival dates yet for more countries. For more than a year now the possibility has existed in the United States of America, however, Europe continues to see ships.

Youtube RED is currently available in Australia, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States of America. Hopefully, the new functionality will reach the general website and not just premium service subscribers.

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  1. Yes only red user have this opportunity ,YouTube now have dark theme ,which I don’t really like

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    I don’t really like using the YouTube app, i always use it with third-party apps so that I can download the videos successfully, hopefully they quickly roll up the features globally.

  3. Wow this is nice…
    Thanks for this update.

  4. Haruna mustorpha

    Nice update from YouTube. It’s a great feature,
    But it should be made available to all over. Thanks for the info..

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