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YouTube Music will finally take over! Meet the new functionality

Google has been preparing for some time to close yet another of its services, Google Play Music, which will cease to exist at the end of the year. However, this is one of the few times that this happens because there is really a better alternative for its users.

After being in development for many months, YouTube Music is getting better and finally ready to take control over Google’s music streaming services. Google has finally launched the promised tool that allows users to transfer all of their music and playlists to YouTube Music.

YouTube Music Google Play Music

Although it was not the most popular service , there are many users who use Google Play Music as their favorite music player, with all their favorite songs and playlists in it. In this way, the transition to YouTube Music will be made very simple, taking about 20 minutes, everything will be automatically transferred to the “new” service.

Transferir dados da Google Play Music para o YouTube Music

YouTube Music cannot yet be considered a threat to Spotify, but it is on track

There is no doubt that Spotify remains the biggest music streaming service today, with many millions of active users every day. At a time when many believed that YouTube Music would just be another failed Google project, they are proving exactly the opposite.

Since it was presented on 2015, the application received numerous updates that made it much more interesting. Over the years, its evolution was so evident that many users began to look at YouTube Music as a worthy alternative to Spotify.

Among the main features implemented are the explore tab, lyrics support and a new “ Now Playing ” screen.

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