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YouTube finally takes action against dangerous challenges and ‘pranks’


Over the past few years, there have been many challenges and pranks that have become viral on YouTube, giving millions of views to many users. To date, the largest video platform has never done anything about these phenomena.

Now, after a wave of dangerous challenges spread across the world through YouTube. The company finally began to take more drastic measures. Some of these challenges have even had quite serious consequences, mostly affecting a younger age group. Among the various challenges, the most viral were the ‘Bird Box Challenge’, ‘Fire Challenge’ and ‘Tide Pod Challenge’.

With the update of its guidelines, a new section has been introduced that directly addresses this type of content. The YouTube team points out that the platform was an important tool in the virality of these challenges and ‘ pranks’.  But, they need to ensure that ” what is fun does not go over the edge and become dangerous“.

YouTube can finally see itself free of ‘challenges’ and ‘pranks’

These new YouTube measures turned out to be more extensive than you might expect. However, in my personal opinion, it was more than time to put a brake on this wave of “vulgarity” that has flooded YouTube. Nowadays, most of the most popular ‘creators’ of the platform. They earn thousands of euros per month to shoot videos that make the legendary  JackAss a children’s movie …

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With these measures, the company will relentlessly ban all videos that pose a risk of serious injury or death. However, it’s important to note that they will not distinguish between actual or planned pranks just to gain views.


Considering that the most popular content creators who take advantage of this kind of videos have millions of followers, these are necessary measures. For the most part, they have no notion that the millions of children who follow them daily do not have the ability to distinguish differences between fiction and reality.

As Mashable has reported, YouTubers will have an adaptation period of two months, while the platform implements and perfects these new monitoring tools. Finally, it looks like finally, in a few months’ time, we’re going to have a bit more ‘clean’ YouTube.


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