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Youtube – “Dark Mode” arrived on iPhone before Android devices

We mentioned a few days ago that Google was preparing a new update for the YouTube application on the Android and iOS operating system. This update long awaited to bring features like “Dark Mode” has already reached some iPhone.

In a posting on Reddit, some iPhone users reported that the new update, 13.01.4, already gives them the opportunity to have some different features. The most obvious is “Dark Mode”.

The Youtube User Interface is mostly white, a clean and nice colour. However, we have to admit that black helps if we have the typical “Scroll” of Youtube at night. Likes aside, it was said that a new update would come with the possibility of swipe advertising instead of the typical “click to jump”. It was also mentioned that Google would add an incognito mode for searches.

Youtube Dark Mode will reach all Android and iPhone soon

This update 13.01.4 on iPhone users only brings “Dark Mode”, however, we have to ask again why iOS receives an update before Android devices.

Youtube dark mode


This simply means that the update should not take much longer for all users. Whether it’s Android or iOS, they’ll all have the new application possibilities coming soon.

This new mode is certainly welcome, but I have to point out again that Google and the Youtube team have situations that deserve more attention. Google is in a difficult situation to keep Youtube clean of crap and it’s complicated for that to happen.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    Alright, I will wait for it arrival… Thanks for the info boss. Good news!

  2. Okay dear brother.. Thanks for the info! I know they add a lot of features on this dark YouTube.. Huh! They should be fast and release it.

  3. Alright thanks.. Very soon it will reach us the Android users.. Please keep us updated regards to that. Thanks for everything.

  4. Darkmode looks pretty nice.
    We will be waiting for the Android version.

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