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YouTube: Can you imagine how many videos were removed in 3 months!

YouTube is arguably the largest video sharing platform today, and with its steady growth, it’s extremely difficult to monitor its content.

However, after much controversy over inappropriate content, the company has committed to substantially increase control over all video publications on its platform.

Now, as part of its promise regarding transparency vis-à-vis its users, it revealed statistical data for the third quarter of 2018. Even more than you would expect, the results are truly incredible.

YouTube continues to focus actively on controlling the content of its platform

Over a period of 3 months, more than 7.8 million videos were removed from YouTube. This is an incredibly high value, which corresponds to 2.6 million videos per month, or more than 86,000 videos per day!

However, as you may have thought, these videos were not all manually removed. The company revealed that 81% of these videos were removed through the use of its artificial intelligence mechanisms.

On the other hand, with regard to the comments published on the platform, the figures are also quite impressive. Whether through their automatic mechanisms, or manually by the company’s staff. More than 224 million comments were removed during the third quarter of this year.

Still, if we consider that billions of comments are posted every month on the platform. This number becomes immediately less impressive.

However, it is with good eyes that we see one of the most influential platforms of the present time focused on the filtering and moderation of the content that it presents to its users.

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