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YouTube applies new moderation rules for videos

YouTube applies new moderation rules for videos

The video sharing platform, YouTube, has been under fire after it became obvious how ineffective is its content moderation policy. Only in the last weeks, we have been contemplated with several shining evidence of this same. But now, can YouTube live without a scandal or drama? New rules for video moderation come in now. But there is more …

Take the example of Logan Paul, one of the most influential producers of content who did not equate the consequences that could result from the filming and presentation of a corpse. One of the victims of suicide, in his words “still fresh in the tree”. The best of everything? After your video was removed, youtube trends did not lack copies of your video.

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But why look at the international scene when Portugal is the perfect example of this. After the last football classic that Benfica played against Sporting, in the tendencies of YouTube was a pirate transmission. This would later be removed for obvious reasons, just like virtually all videos on the channel. This one was dedicated to the sharing of the transmissions “pirates” of the soccer games.

YouTube implements new moderation rules for videos “Google Preferred”

It is well known that YouTube’s moderation policy is extremely passive and only comes into play when any of the sponsors or investors see their interests compromised. Or with a considerable number of complaints and requests for review submitted by viewers.

It is also no secret that automatic moderation algorithms are far from perfect. Some adult content, content that may infringe another’s copyright or otherwise simply inappropriate content is sometimes misplaced. However, most of these cases never have a fraction of the reach of Logan Paul’s case. If this were not one of the most influential creators on the whole platform with their Vlogs.

As you can imagine, this video sharing platform takes all content generated by this 5% very seriously. The percentage that brings together the self-styled youtuber’s most influential. Content that is directly distributed through the marketing and advertising channels. It is this 5% who, with their content, have the ability to attract or divert new investors to YouTube. They are the ” Google Preferred “. They will now be watched closely.

Now, with a video showing a suicide victim, it is not surprising that we see several brands wanting to get away from the cost of this type of content. Can you imagine any big brand sponsoring or paying to get ads on one of these videos? Yeah, it really seems unlikely. This is where the new rules come into play.

10 thousand staff to apply the new rules on YouTube

Note that this team will only watch the content created by the list of 5%, the most influential creators. The control of all these videos will become manual to guard against any future “embarrassment” that may irritate investors.YouTube is scared. With good reasons for that. Without investors, your business falls apart and for this, you have created a new team with 10,000 employees. Yes, 10,000 human beings will reinforce the artificial intelligence mechanisms to moderate and patrol the new videos.

While this can effectively improve relationships between YouTube and its investors, especially in the short term, creators may not like it that much. We may see a polarization between the platform and its creators.

Likewise, criticism and concerns about censorship, family-friendly, and the constant preoccupation with demonetization are increasing. Something that is explained below, in the video that follows. In short, YouTube will enforce this new policy and rules for moderating videos from top creators.

YouTube rules the new rules of the videos “Family friendly”

Nowadays, any  YouTuber or creator of content, if you want to get some financial benefit from your videos have to create videos ” family friendly “. Content that is really good for investors, more than anything else. Here, not to vary, YouTube has some rather diffuse rules, and its “familiar” content rating is a perfect example of this. See the official page of the platform.

The mobile YouTube app will soon have “Dark Mode”

Although the majority of users use the classic, white mode, for those who want, we also have a Dark Mode. The update has not yet been deployed to the apps on both Android and iOS platforms. However, an analysis was done by the staff of  AndroidPolicerevealed that the APK had this new UI in black, almost ready.Complementing the news around YouTube, and we’re not talking about “news on YouTube” channels, we’re talking about the news for your application. Now with the latest update of the App, we see that the platform wants to even apply the Dark mode to the mobile application as well.

YouTube new rules videos
The Dark Mode, soon available for the Android and iOS app

YouTube’s “Dark Mode” will be particularly good for users of an OLED display device. Since this type of screen consumes less energy when displaying the dark tones, it will be a good way to increase the range. In addition, eye fatigue is also reduced by showing less strong colors.

Ah, that’s true. Without wanting to spoil the joyful state of ignorance that spreads through the comments, for YouTube, a  Like is worth practically the same as a  Dislike. It’s meta-data. It is engagement, audience interaction, viewer interest.


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