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Facebook is working on “Your Time on Facebook” Feature

Facebook is working on a new tool that will help users check how much time they have lost on this social network. This feature called Your Time on Facebook.

This feature shares some functionality with the tool that is being developed by Instagram and that we have already covered in Leak. In practice, it will allow you to reveal how much time people spend on Facebook per day through the tablet or smartphone and also reveals the average number of minutes that have been spent on this social network for the past seven days. This new feature will also allow users to define how many minutes they want to spend on Facebook per day. When users reach the time limit, the application notifies them. Still, if users do not want to be bothered, they can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode or change the way they are warned.

Your Time on Facebook Feature

This new feature (Your Time on Facebook) does not come by chance. Recent studies show that increased use of smartphones is probably a factor in increasing cases of depression and suicide among adolescents. At the same time there is also a correlation between the time spent in social networks and the increase in anxiety cases among individuals over thirty years of age.

These studies have been influencing technology companies to develop their own tools to improve the overall well-being of users.

Google is also worried about overuse of the smartphone and added several features in Android P to help people control usage time.

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