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Xioami Poco F1 Wallpapers And Launcher Download Now

The Xiaomi Pocop F1 has officially been revealed and there are certainties that will reach the European market. The new smartphone from the Chinese young company will be able to surprise. To what we can assume the “POCO” brand was created to give us top-of-the-range devices for a much more attractive price. Kind of Honor to Huawei.

Although the Xiaomi Poco F1 does not offer us the same build quality as an Honor 10, for example, the device gives us specifications we can only find in top-end devices.

Still it counts with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the same that we have in one of the variants of Galaxy Note 9, but, with a much-reduced price.

It seems that the smartphone will hit the European market with only the variant of 6GB of RAM. We’ll have two choices of internal storage, 64GB or 128GB.

Now if you want to personalize your smartphone with device wallpapers, here is a good article for you.

You can now download the high-quality wallpapers of Xiaomi Pocop F1 at the link above. Although the smartphone offers us an LCD screen, these wallpapers look great on an OLED or AMOLED device.

Download Poco F1 wallpapers here

You can now install the Poco F1 launcher on your Xiaomi

It should be noted that this Little Launcher is compatible with MIUI gestures. If like me, you are the one who prefers the gestures to the typical normal buttons you will be happy to know that everything works perfectly.

At this point the launcher is only possible to install on Xiaomi smartphones, however, it is believed to be available for more devices soon. The app will also reach the Google Play Store, however, you can download and install the app through the link above.

Download the APK launcher here

The differences of this Little launcher are not radical, nevertheless, they are well received changes to the device of Xiaomi.

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