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Xiaomi wants to lead the Chinese market in 2 years with its Android

Xiaomi wants to dominate the Chinese mobile market. Ambition pronounced openly by the CEO and founder of the brand, Lei Jun. The goal has already been defined. In 10 fiscal quarters, the manufacturer wants to claim for itself the top spot in the world’s largest smartphone market, China. In just over 2 years Xiaomi wants to reach the top with its Android devices.

The revelation was made after analyzing the fiscal reports alluding to the year 2017. Several agencies of market analysis have pointed out a unique growth of Xiaomi in the last year. Given this scenario, the CEO will have made it known that two and a half years from now they want to return to the podium of the Chinese market.

The statement  (in Mandarin) of Lei Jun was made in an internal circular, destined to the employees and collaborators the company. According to this blog, The Verge tells us, the brand will need to strengthen all its staff and fight without mercy or pity the hard and competitive Chinese market.

2017 was undoubtedly a year of incredible growth for Xiaomi. In years past the manufacturer had slipped a bit on the leaderboards. Now, in the last quarter of 2017 the brand grew  96.9% compared to the same period of 2016. 

Xiaomi wants to be the leader in the Chinese market with its Android in just over 2 years

Looking to its annual performance, Xiaomi would grow 75% of the Android market during the year 2017. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 was one of the great drivers of growth, especially in European markets. In addition, the brand continues to expand to Europe, Russia and other regions. I recall that recently the brand opened a Mi Store in Romania, having already an official presence in Russia and Spain.

You’ll continue to bet on your Android devices with above-average price/quality. A bet that will mainly go through the mid-range Android devices, without ever neglecting the MIX segment. The line that usually meets the most avant-garde devices of the brand.

Lei Jun’s statements were made by the height of the Chinese New Year. Setting an ambitious goal of market leadership in just over 2 years, the task does not seem easy. They will have to surpass Huawei, OPPO and Vivo in order to glimpse the first place in the world’s largest smartphone and mobile market.

Jun also stresses the importance of having a presence in 70 markets/countries at the moment. Being in the top 5 of the top sellers in 16 of these 70 markets. Lei Jun is also focused on the success of the Indian market where the brand has managed to reach the first place in just over 2 years since its entry. Here he cites specifically the last two quarters.

” Now began the new mission for 2018. Leading the world markets, attacking above all in the home market,  Lei Jun adds.

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