Xiaomi Uleemark DuPont Coat

It seems that all the smartphones launched during the last months were not enough to keep Xiaomi 100% occupied. The Chinese brand continues, more and more, to bet on the textile market. Once again they used the crowdfunding platform to launch a new winter coat.

With the name “Uleemark DuPont” and with a price of around 57 euros, certainly, the most striking feature is that it never needs to be washed. Yes, according to the manufacturer, it never really is!

This jacket is made with a new TNT material developed by DuPont. This material can present combined, the advantages of various traditional fabrics. Among its advantages, you will be able to find water resistance, extremely light, and stain-free.

If you remember correctly, this is not the first time that Xiaomi has come to innovate in the clothing market. 

With this Xiaomi DuPont coat you will not have to worry about “stain remover”!

Despite its very competitive price and extremely light material, do not be fooled by its “fragile” appearance. The Uleemark DuPont can withstand the most adverse weather conditions, being prepared for temperatures ranging from -73 ° C to 100 ° C.

Thanks to its 90% goose feather filling, Xiaomi’s new coat also ensures a stable body temperature. Therefore, it may even be the perfect jacket for winter sports. Especially with its Level 4 certification regarding the ability to repel water.

Uleemark DuPont Coat


The use of the material developed by DuPont gives this coat of Xiaomi immunity to stains. That is, from coffee stains to burger sauce, you should not have any problem with stains that are impossible to remove. According to the brand, all you will need is a soft wet cloth and the stain disappears in an instant.

Finally, like the other products launched on this platform, Xiaomi’s Uleemark DuPont jacket will begin to be marketed in China from November 11th. So, as with the smart coat, this should also find its way to the usual online stores.


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