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Xiaomi reveals impressive smart doorbell with unbelievable price

Xiaomi today unveiled crowdfunding for a smart bell that is simply stunning. The doorbell costs less than € 30 and its features are incredible. Although the product is only in crowdfunding, it is believed that the requested price can raise millions of users interested in the product. Anyway, I wish I could order a few more.

But what makes this smart bell so awesome? Take it because you will not even believe that for the price of it you will have all this.

This smart bell from Xiaomi is just great

As I mentioned, the smart doorbell costs less than € 30. However, it is possible that it will become slightly more expensive once you reach the typical Chinese-style stores.

The “Xiaomi Zero Smart Video Doorbell” has a small camera and motion sensors that send you a notification for the smartphone whenever there is movement in an area of 3 meters. It is believed that you can turn off this function. If you live on a busy street it is not the best functionalities to have active.

Xiaomi smart doorbell with unbelievable price


The camera has facial recognition as well. That is, you can identify people in the chamber as family and friends. Whenever they ring the bell you will have the information if the doorman is an acquaintance or a stranger.

Since the intelligent Xiaomi bell works with IP, you can access the image via the Internet on your phone. That is, you do not need to be indoors. In addition, the bell allows you to respond remotely. Imagine that you left the child alone, you can always be the one to respond. But you do not stop here.

Paired with the smart column, if a stranger knocks on the door and the child is homeless, you can record an automatic message reminding the youngster not to open the door to strangers. Still, if the child decides to answer the bell, the voice is disguised to look like an adult. Impressive or what? I’m dumb with this gadget.

The intelligent Xiaomi buzzer works on batteries but when not in use it is in sleep mode to save time.

The product is expected to hit stores in China next year and believe I’ve added the gadget to my “to-do” list.

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  1. Already pre-ordered it. Pretty impressive, Although I am not sure how it connects to the internet. The camera and the receiver have both 433mhz wifi maybe to connect to each other. But in the specifications it is not mentioned that the receiver has 2.4 ghz or 5ghz wifi to be connected to the router. So how does it receive internet connection? I do not know.

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