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Xiaomi Redmi K30 reaches impressive sales mark

It was in December 2019 that the Xiaomi sub-brand launched the Redmi K for the Chinese market 30 4G and Redmi K 30 5G. These sold until March of this year about 1 million units.

At that time, the manufacturer announced the top of the range of the line – the Redmi K 30 Pro 5G and later Redmi K 30 Pro 5G Zoom Edition. According to the brand, the entire line will have already surpassed the impressive mark of 3 million units sold .

Redmi K30
Redmi K 30 exceeded 3 million units sold

These are figures only referring to the manufacturer’s domestic market, having taken about seven months to reach them. It is good to remember that in May Redmi K also came out 30 5G Racing Edition, and also Redmi K 30 i 5G.

To date, only one of these smartphones was launched globally. The Redmi K 30 Pro 5G has become the desired Poco F2 Pro globally, being sold in Portugal slightly above the 500 €.

It is good to remember that in 2019 Xiaomi made the Redmi K 20 and K 20 Pro on Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro, which were real successes. For now, there is no expectation that this will happen.

By now, the first rumors of the upcoming Redmi K are beginning to emerge 40. According to the latest information, these will be smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 775 and Snapdraong 875, and will arrive between the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of 2021 .

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