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Xiaomi presents stroller with an unbelievable price

Xiaomi presents stroller with an unbelievable price

When we thought that Xiaomi had already presented all the new products for the year, here comes a new announcement of the brand. This time, a new stroller was introduced that promises mobility never before offered.

No longer comes with great surprise the bet of the brand in this type of segments, becoming increasingly popular. As it does in the world of smartphones, in this segment also presents high-quality products with prices almost unbelievable.

This new stroller is a great example of this. Its ruggedness is indisputable, being built with a high durability aluminum alloy. With the use of this material, it reaches a weight of only 6.8kg.

To dramatically increase its versatility, it comes with a link mechanism that allows the cart to be folded easily and quickly. The size of this Xiaomi trolley when folded is so small that it can be used as “cabin baggage” on commercial flights.

Xiaomi surprises with a versatile stroller with unbeatable price tag

The four wheels of the Xiaomi trolley are made of a special non-toxic PU foam, and have independent stabilizers to provide a stable slide on any type of surface. As usual in strollers, this one from Xiaomi also has two front wheels that rotate 360º.

But, Xiaomi has not only shown concern in mobility and comfort in this stroller. Considering that we are talking about the main means of transport of the little ones, also safety is essential.

For this reason, it comes with a safety belt with 5 support points and a double brake system to ensure maximum safety. Even more, the icing on the cake is the presence of a cover that offers protection against the solar rays UPF 50+.

Finally, what makes this Xiaomi stroller so spectacular is not only its high quality but also its price. It will be released on November 11 with an unbelievable price of around 90 euros. So when compared to the competition, which practices prices that easily exceed 200 euros, it will be difficult to resist.


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