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Xiaomi prepares to launch an electric skateboard

Xiaomi does everything. This time we have an electric skateboard that will be official soon. The Chinese company shows that it is not afraid to invest in the technological world and wants to dominate the market.

In addition to smartphones the young technological company offers products until say enough. We have shavers , televisions , speakers, intelligent lights … As the English slang ” You name it! “, Xiaomi has!

The latest Xiaomi project goes through an electric skateboard at a price well below competitors.

This type of products is not entirely new in the market. There are companies and startups that have been growing with this type of gadget, however, the Xiaomi coming to the dance, the task of the competitors got more complicated.

Xiaomi Acton is the future Electric Skate of the young Chinese company

This is because the price of this electric skateboard will be around 150 €. At this time the skateboard is in crowdfunding campaign on the official website of Xiaomi, meaning it is still not possible to buy the gadget outside of China.

If the product is to become real, which is most likely, it will not be difficult to find this type of product in typical online stores from China.

The electric skateboard has a command that gives the order to start or stop, an autonomy up to 12 kilometers and can handle with people up to 100 kilos.

Xiaomi Electric skateboard


Although I prefer their bicycles and electric scooters , I have to admit that at this price even I think of buying one.

The speed of this electric skateboard reaches 22 K / h, so be sure to buy a helmet in conjunction with the gadget.

As I mentioned, so far no purchase is available for Xiaomi lovers outside of China. However, I will stay tuned until this is possible.

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