Xiaomi prepares to launch a new smartwatch called Mibro Air


Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that most bets on wearables, more specifically, smartwatches. The new Xiaomi smartwatch will arrive the next day 30 in November.

In fact, the smartwatch is made by Mobri, which is a sub-brand of Zhenshi Technology. However, this is one of the manufacturers that also works in partnership with Xiaomi. That is, it is likely that the smartwatch will arrive with the name Xiaomi too.

What to expect from the Xiaomi Mibri Air

Xiaomi Mi bro Air

This will be a simple smartwatch that will integrate the Xiaomi applications for wearables. Unfortunately, it is not yet that we have another WearOS watch on the market, because the small gadget will have its operating system.

  • Circular screen
  • Screen 1. 28 “inches
  • TFT screen
  • Screen occupies 95% of smartwatch
  • Metal finish
  • IP certified water and dust resistance 68
  • Heart rate sensor

When Xiaomi Mobri Air arrives

Xiaomi Mibro Air 2

Xiaomi’s new smartwatch will be officially unveiled on the day 30 in November, however, there is no information to what extent the smart watch can reach our market.

Xiaomi has strongly attacked Portugal and Europe with wearables. im being, it seems plausible to imagine the arrival of this wearable to our market.

Unfortunately we don’t know much about the next smart watch. However, it won’t be long before it’s official. We only hope that Europe will be included and that its price will be accessible to most users.

Since you are here, take a look at the best 10 smartwatch on the market at the moment. I believe you will be more informed.

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