Home NEWS Xiaomi prepares to enter (once again) in the book of Guinness

Xiaomi prepares to enter (once again) in the book of Guinness

Xiaomi prepares to enter (once again) in the book of Guinness

Xiaomi has already entered the Guinness Book once when opening 100 stores simultaneously. Well, it looks like the company does not seem to want to stick around. The brand is set to score the record book again.

In the teaser video for Xiaomi Play presentation, the Chinese company says it is also preparing to mark history with the smartphone.

Not because the device is better than the competition, or because it is the fastest. According to the information, Xiaomi Play promises to be an excellent smartphone nothing else that makes you enter the Guinness book.

Xiaomi will make a Christmas tree with 1000 smartphones to enter the Guiness

It seems that the Chinese company, which will unveil Xiaomi Play on the 24th, will mount the largest Christmas tree in the world with smartphone boxes. It is assumed that inside the boxes will be the smartphones. That is, this will be the largest Christmas tree in the world made with smartphones.

That being said, there will be about 1000 smartphones that have prepared to illustrate a Christmas tree. All this in less than 2 hours. The time that the presentation of Xiaomi Play is expected to last on December 24.

Regarding the Xiaomi Play, it is expected to be one aimed at gamers but with a design and construction more enjoyable than the Black Shark. The smartphone is expected to come with 3 variants and a rear identical to the Huawei P20 Lite.

Finally, the screen of the device will have a small notch (drop of water) and the screen will have the resolution of FullHD +. You can know a little more about the future smartphone here. For now, just stay with the video of Xiaomi announcing that they want to enter once more in the book of Guiness. Will they succeed? We will see on the 24th!


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