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Xiaomi patents smartphone with screen never seen before!

Xiaomi has registered a patent for a smartphone completely out of the ordinary. Through LetsGo Digital, images were created, according to the patent documents. We can thus see a device with a completely removable front screen.

This is a strange concept, in fact. We have a perfectly normal smartphone, however, it is possible to remove your screen and use it in isolation. However, the remaining “housing” of the Device houses the chambers. When together, it’s a smartphone with cameras under the screen.


According to the patent documents, the screen has connectors on the bottom to connect to the body of the Device, as a kind of dock. However, the screen is independent of the body, in the sense that it can be charged wirelessly, even when separated.

It is important to note that this is only a patent and may not become one final product. Still, it is very interesting to see new ideas emerging from manufacturers, as the market is made of innovation.

Uses that this Xiaomi with removable screen can have

One of the possible advantages of a smartphone with a removable screen is taking photos from a distance. Since the camera module is in the body, it is possible to detach the screen to control photos or video from a distance. Therefore, a remote camera system is a hypothesis.

The device also becomes lighter and more portable as soon as it is removed from the body. Still, the biggest advantage is in its replacement. If you break the screen, replacement becomes much easier. If we then keep the main hardware in the body, the Device becomes much more secure.

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