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Xiaomi patent reveals the feature we all want in a smartphone

Xiaomi is investing heavily in the mobile segment. Today we have a patent for a smartphone that reveals the characteristic that everyone expects to see reality soon.

I am obviously talking about the front camera inside the screen. That is, the front camera would be “transparent” and you would only see it as soon as you activate the selfie camera.

Xiaomi patent that shows the camera inside the smartphone screen

Patente Xiaomi
Xiaomi- Patent Let's Go Digital Credits

The patent describes just that. We can read the information that tells us: “ The letter 'A' is the area of ​​the camera on the screen. When the front camera is activated, this area is transparent. When it is off, the area is shown as if it were a normal screen “.

The patent shows us an identical smartphone to those we have on the market. That is, no folding or technologies never seen. Xiaomi has already admitted that it has been working on this technology for some time, however, the lack of quality of the front camera is one of the biggest problems.

Xiaomi Mi 11 may well bring technology

Xiaomi patente smartphone

Apparently, manufacturers like Vivo, OPPO, LG and Samsung are already working on this technology, so it is more than likely that this year we will see this technology on a smartphone. At the latest next year.

Whereas the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be revealed next year, it may well be the first mobile phone of the brand to bring such functionality. It should be noted that we cannot ignore the “Mix” range. This is the range that usually gives us the latest and most cutting-edge technologies of the brand.

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