Home NEWS Xiaomi Offers Shares to All Its Employees to Celebrate Fortune 500 Entry

Xiaomi Offers Shares to All Its Employees to Celebrate Fortune 500 Entry


Xiaomi joined the Fortune 500 list of the world’s 500 largest companies this week. In celebration of the milestone, Xiaomi employees all received a ‘share’ of the company in acceptance format.

Its founder and CEO Lei Jun has revealed that all 20,538 employees of the company will receive a special package. This package includes 1000 Xiaomi shares, 500 for employees and 500 for their families.

What employees can do with actions

Xiaomi employees can use the stock to earn some money, leveraging the company’s success. Equities tend to have a volatile value so be aware of market fluctuations.

If an employee sells his or her stock on time, it can have a considerable financial return. In addition, as owner of Xiaomi shares, employees will also own (in part) the company.

Xiaomi is in 468th place in the world companies

The Fortune 500 list is based on business revenue and growth. In Xiaomi’s case, the Chinese company achieved revenues of $ 16 billion in 2018, just by selling mobile phones.

Xiaomi is only 9 years old and has already made the list of the most important companies in the world, joining Google, Apple and Samsung. The Chinese company is the youngest in the Fortune 500.


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