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Xiaomi – MIUI already has more than 300 million users worldwide


If Lei Jun says it, it’s law. There are more than 300 million MIUI users worldwide. An impressive figure, revealed by the CEO and founder of the technological brand that every day becomes more valuable. In addition to having registered a growth of 102% in just one year, the brand that today also officially presented the Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 5 Plus, continues to captivate consumers

During the World Internet Conference conference in Wuzhen, China, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun referred to the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and especially of its own ROM, MIUI. This has become increasingly popular and has now reached this historic milestone.

MIUI moves away from pure Android with its various themes, colour tones and various tools, some more useful than others. Anyway, there are 300 million users, a sizeable figure for a brand that was founded in 2010.This is the brand approach to the pure Android concept. For Jun, this is how users should use and enjoy this operating system.

Meanwhile, Samsung is already the largest mobile device maker in the world’s second largest smartphone market, India. The data is advanced by the IDC agency . He also arrived in Spain where he has his first physical store in the Iberian Peninsula.

Looking at the data provided by Lei Jun, we can see that between May 2016 and today we have over 100 million users of MIUI. A good pace of growth.

 Xiaomi MIUI 1

At this point, brand users are using MIUI version 9 which has brought several performance optimizations and several general stability improvements. However, the autonomy of some equipment to have felt some problems.

The growth of the brand, its products and its interface has also been the subject of debate. From a small start-up to his to the top place where he is now, the route of the brand is remarkable. It has a growing fan base and a strong user community.

This brand, a pioneer in social media marketing, knew how to play its trumps well and now it’s time to reap the rewards. With an exemplary growth, irreverent devices, with an incredible price/quality ratio, the future looks more smiley than ever.

What do you expect from Xiaomi in 2018?

Above all, its growth has been consistent. With new smartphones reaching the four corners of the world, having a Xiaomi smartphone has already become a source of pride. Finally, Lei Jun also said that 238 million of its smartphones already use a processor from Qualcomm.This journey that began on August 16, 2010 went from 100 users to 1 million users in December 2011. In July 2017, there were more than 280 million users. Now 6 months later, there are 300 million users around the world. A new record for this Chinese construction company.

And you, are you part of this community of Xiaomi users around the world? What do you expect from the brand in 2017? Leave us your opinion below in the comments.



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