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Xiaomi MIUI 10 – Smartphones that will receive the Android update

Xiaomi MIUI 10

The Xiaomi MIUI 10 was officially revealed last week by the Vice President of the Chinese brand. So far there is not much information on what the most significant changes in the Chinese brand’s User Interface, however, there is already information on the device that will receive the Android update.

The Xiaomi MIUI 10 will be inspired by Android Oreo and although the brand has a good history of smartphones receiving updates, not all Xiaomi device will be so lucky.

One of the characteristics of the Xiaomi MIUI 10 that we know so far is the arrival of Artificial Intelligence to the device of the brand. I’m not really talking about a service like “Google Assistant” on Google Pixel. Since most of the brand’s users are Chinese, this functionality will only be supported in Mandarin.

Artificial Intelligence (IA) in Xiaomi MIUI 10 will be more related to photo surveys in the galleries and performance of the operating system. The AI will be able to adapt to the user’s use and provide more performance through the applications used.

Details of MIUI 10 will be known in the coming weeks

As I mentioned only some models will receive this Android update. For now we know only a few models, however, it is possible that more models will join the party in the coming weeks.

List of Smartphones to receive the Xiaomi MIUI 10:

  • My 6
  • My 5
  • My 5S
  • My 5S Plus
  • My 4
  • My 3
  • My 4S
  • My 4C
  • My mix
  • My Mix 2
  • Redmi Y1 / Lite
  • My Note 2
  • My Note 3
  • Redmi Note 3 / Pro
  • Redmi Note 4 / 4X
  • Redmi 5A
  • My 5X
  • My max
  • My Max 2
  • Redmi 4 / 4X / 4A
  • Redmi 3 / 3S / Prime
  • Redmi Pro
  • Redmi 3X

Some of the devices that will not receive the update are already known. In order not to affect the performance of certain smartphones the Asian brand preferred to leave aside these smartphones:

  • My 2
  • My 2S
  • My note
  • My 4i
  • Redmi Note 4G
  • Redmi 2
  • Redmi 2 Prime

As I mentioned, it is likely that this list will be modified in the coming weeks, so be aware of the development of the information.


  1. Xiaomi is really trying a lot for their MIUI OS. They are now trying to launch the new MIUI 10. Which will be very better than the rest.. Let’s wait for the custom Rom. Thanks.


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