Home NEWS Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with camera pop-up? New images say yes!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with camera pop-up? New images say yes!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with camera pop-up

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is one of the things to look forward to. We have no idea if the device will be released this year or only see the light of day in 2019. Since Mix 2S is relatively recent, the date of the successor’s presentation is still an issue to be clarified.

With the latest rumors, it is likely that the device will be unveiled later this year. Xiaomi gave us Mix 2 in September and Mix 2S in March, so we’re likely to reveal the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 six months after its predecessor.

I have already said that I am not the biggest lover of this equipment presentation policy, especially top of the range. When we buy a high priced smartphone we like it not to be discontinued half a dozen months later.

Xiaomi can join companies like OnePlus and Sony that already do so recurring in their top of the range.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with camera pop-up? We hope so!

Rumors have it that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will finally remove the front camera from the bottom of the smartphone. With devices revealing original ideas for the position of the front camera, the Chinese company is likely to do the same.

The latest image shows us a pop-up camera as we see in Vivo NEX. A front camera that would only be activated if you activated “selfie” in camera settings.

Although pop-up cameras are more likely to crash, I have to admit that I prefer this ideology to the camera on the bottom of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 camera pop-up


The alleged images of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also reveal a nearly borderless device and the biometric sensor on the screen. It will not be the first time Xiaomi will do it. I remember that the Mi 8 Explorer Edition was the first smartphone of the Asian brand to bring the technology.

I am seriously looking forward to this Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The Asian manufacturer convinced me with Mi Mix 2S, hopefully do the same with your successor. Pity to be 6 months after the predecessor’s release.


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