Home NEWS Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Ferrari Edition: A concept that makes us dream!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Ferrari Edition: A concept that makes us dream!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Ferrari Edition

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is due to be presented only later this year or in 2019 but the rumors are starting to appear. The Ferrari Edition variant is one of the rumors that begins to appear and this concept leaves us with mouthwatering.

We must first understand that this is a concept. That is, there is no guarantee that the device will become official. The source of the concept is unknown and can be created both by a lover of Xiaomi and Ferrari, as it may even be an image of Xiaomi that ended up on the internet.

I remember that the first Xiaomi Mi Mix was presented with the name “concept” and even got to be marketed.

This alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Ferrari Edition leaves us obviously wondering if such a partnership would be possible. The truth is that it is no longer new to see this type of partnerships between smartphone manufacturers and automobiles.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Ferrari Edition had my pocket as a mandatory garage

We have Huawei with Porsche, OPPO with Lamborghini. Therefore, I fully believe that such a partnership with Ferrari can happen to Xiaomi.

The image shows us a smartphone with ceramic construction and a triple camera at the rear. The design changes slightly against the Mi Mix 2S and brings the main cameras back into the center of the device.

We also see the inexistence of the biometric sensor. As Xiaomi has already launched a biometric sensor device on the screen, it is to be believed that all of its range tops will follow this trend.

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Something that makes me enthusiastic is the junction of the words “Mi Ferrari”. A cool touch that I’m sure would fit in the pocket of all the proud owners of an Italian car manufacturer.

The rumors say that the device can reach with values around the 1400 €, however, I refer again. This is a concept. Although it is plausible do not take it for granted. Pretty much the same would see one of these with the typical red Ferrari!


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