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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will bring the same processor as the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will bring the same processor as the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE
Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 should follow the ideology of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE with the new Snapdragon 710, but more details have been revealed.

The future smartphone Xiaomi company is expected to arrive in the coming months with specifications relevant to the price. The Mi Max is a terminal totally designed for an audience different from the other smartphones.

The Mi Max 3 offers us a gross 6.44 “inch screen and, to date, huge shores. This makes for giant equipment! Not everyone likes to walk with a phablet in their pockets.

With the new ideology of reduced margins it is possible that the Mi Max 3 will bring an even bigger screen. Sincerely, nothing is impossible for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 should arrive for 300 €, such as Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

We still do not know the details or design of the equipment. It is very likely that it will follow the ideology of the equipment presented by the brand until then. I speak of an 18: 9 screen, biometric sensor at the rear and a double chamber at the rear side.

Something revealed in the regulatory body of China (3C), brings us some of its specifications, so we can presume where the phablet will fit in the market.

The information reveals that the Mi Max 3 will arrive with the same processor of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor is the company’s latest chip.

The Snapdragon 710 can deliver performance and still save autonomy. It can even add artificial intelligence possibilities. This means that the Mi Max 3 should also bring the same technology as the latest Xiaomi in its cameras.

The device should bring 4GB or 6GB of RAM and, as usual, will come in some variants.

There are no definite or clear images of the smartphone, however, I almost bet it will be a giant smartphone and intended for all those who like to walk like a mini tablet in their pocket.


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