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Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is the new Gaming laptop for less than 1000$

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is the new Gaming laptop for less than 1000$

On the day we get to know the  Mi MIX 2S  we would also see a very peculiar product to be presented. Something to which we are not accustomed in the equipment portfolio of this Chinese manufacturer. Never before had this featured a gaming laptop. Never before, so far we’ve got to know the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop.

However, despite not having great tradition or history in this segment of products, gaming computers, the brand introduced us this new PC. The Xiaomi Mi Gaming laptop would be presented today in Shanghai along with the new Android smartphone but there is more news …

For all gaming enthusiasts, for all public Gaming, the brand thus brings us a well – equipped portable and with a good price/quality ratio. This has always been the strategy of the brand, products that excel by the quality of the components used and for being very accessible.

To offer a top-of-the-range experience to all gaming enthusiasts, Xiaomi introduces this  Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop, a laptop worthy of our attention. It has 5programmable keys for the user to define these shortcuts. Something well pointed out by the CEO of the company, Lei Jun.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is official!

This Xiaomi Mi Gaming laptop features a 15.6-inch diagonal screen with Full-HD resolution. We also have slightly discrete margins, edges or bezels on a PC with a sober appearance, taking out all the LED’s that completely illuminate the computer. Even so, its general look, with the LED’s off turns out to be very discreet and simple. Here, of course, each consumer will judge him for himself based on his personal taste.

Light and clear lines, RGB LEDs on this Xiaomi laptop

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

What else does this Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop offer us?

If you are not satisfied with the 15.6-inch Full-HD display, you can connect two external 4K displays/monitors for a complete setup. On this computer, we also have two speakers with 3W of power and Dolby Atmos technology for high-definition audio.

At the connectivity level, we also have HDMI 2.0 ports, USB Type-C, Ethernet port and USB 3.0 port. All this can be found in the new computer for “gaming” or for gaming of the Chinese technology. But calm, there’s more!

Xiaomi’s new laptop settings

You will have a total of 4 settings for the Mi Gaming Laptop. Starting with an i5 processor with the GTX Ti 1050 graphics, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD. This is its most modest and economic version.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

You can configure this computer in its top version with a GTX Ti 1060 graphics and the Intel Core i7 processor. In this version, we will still have a total of 16GB of RAM,  256GB of SSD memory, and 1TB of HDD storage.

Cooling on the Mi Gaming Laptop

During the presentation, the cooling capabilities of this powerful new Xiaomi computer will be highlighted. In fact, the Mi Gaming Laptop has a total of 5 refrigeration tubes in a configuration of 3 + 2 copper tubes inside. It also has a total of 4 air intakes.

It even counts with a button dedicated to the extreme or urgent cooling of the PC. More specifically, the TORNADO button, which can decrease the temperature by 3 to 5 ° C in 10 minutes. In this mode the fans will be working at full speed. It will be noisy but at least it will be able to refresh your computer effectively. At least we hope so.

How much does this Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop cost?

As the brand has already accustomed us here we have extremely competitive prices here. That said, its prices will start at $ 956 for the Core i5 + GTX 1050 Ti configuration. The top version with the Core i7 + GTX 1060 processor will cost $ 1,435 . Prices indicated for the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop
We have several user-customizable keys, a total of 5 keys at your disposal.

For a manufacturer without tradition in this segment of the product the new bet of the Chinese Xiaomi seems to be well launched. With a good balance between features, building materials, design and of course, the recommended retail price. This product will begin to arrive in stores during the month of April and can be found mainly through online resellers.

Time and experience will tell you whether or not the brand has a future in this increasingly attractive segment for leading manufacturers. During your presentation this product would be amply compared to Alienware alternatives.


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