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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC reaches more countries in Europe. When is Portugal going?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Mi Smart Band 4) was launched in mid 2019. But in June of this year a version with NFC compatible with Mastercard landed in Europe, first arriving in Russia .

The idea is to offer the possibility to consumers who have a compatible card, to make payments from the bracelet itself. And that option also just arrived in Ukraine and Belarus .

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

Xiaomi collaborates with Mastercard in those countries, in order to offer payments contactless in a cheap product for consumers. And everything works quite simply.

How Mi Band 4 NFC works:

The user has to open the Mi Fit app, and go to the Credit Card options and fill in the card details. As soon as this is done, it confirms authorization via SMS and can start using it.

After arriving in three European countries, it is expected that in the coming months this possibility may reach more regions . And that’s where we hope to see Portugal in the future.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

Already in this format or in a future model, the natural way is that we can have this option in Portugal. Xiaomi’s partnership with banks will be necessary, but the great advantage is to offer this possibility in a product with such a low price (around 30 €).

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