Home NEWS Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes While Plugged in For Charging

Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes While Plugged in For Charging

Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes While Plugged in For Charging

When technology gives us some unenthusiastic and very worrying surprises. This is the case of the Xiaomi Mi A1. The one that was an isolated incident, ended up destroying this smartphone launched under Google’s Android One program.

First, this device is equipped with a 3080mAh battery as well as a charging at 5V / 2A 10W. However, we do not have here any type of wireless charging or any of the latest fast charging technologies.

In fact, we can rule out the culpability of some of the faster loading technologies. Or even a birth defect in the construction of the Android smartphone, something that was the origin of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scandal.

As a consequence, this model was quickly discontinued and withdrawn from the market. However, Samsung is not the only manufacturer with such a case in hand, and Xiaomi is now affected by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi A1 exploded while its owner was sleeping

In fact, in the past we have seen some smartphones from this Android manufacturer exploding, with cases to be recorded in China and elsewhere in the world. However, it is the first time that one of its device with Android One suffers the same fate. Also, an extremely popular model is the case of this Xiaomi Mi A1. On the other hand, everything indicates that this was an isolated case, the causes of which have yet to be determined. Already next we can see the 2nd of the images published in the official forum.

Exploded Xiaomi Mi A1

In short, we can see – by the original report as well as by the accompanying photographs. In that sense, the device with Android One will have burst into flames while its owner slept peacefully.

This was Xiaomi’s first smartphone with Google’s Android One

Unrelated to the misfortune of fate, the case could have far more serious consequences than the protective cover used. Consequently, this Xiaomi Mi A1 housing eventually contained the spread of the flames, protecting the owner this time.

However, as expected, the smartphone with Android One ended up being completely destroyed. In this sense, after the battery swells and burst into flames, all other components eventually become hopelessly charred.

Secondly, it should also be noted that the location of the Xiaomi Mi A1 is not declared at the time the case occurred. That is, we know that its owner rested but not where the device itself was. Okay, I was not in direct contact with the owner, fortunately.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown

Thirdly, the case did not occur in China. However, the specific location was not disclosed in the original publication in the official brand forum. Still, since Google’s Android One device has not been marketed in China we can thus rule out this location.

Of course, the adoption by Xiaomi of Google’s Android One platform has resulted in a huge demand for the Mi A1. Consequently, the device was a global success, motivating the brand to launch the recent Mi A2.

In short, this is the first and so far isolated case of an explosion of the Xiaomi Mi A1. As such, this event should not cause any alarmism among current users of this mobile device model.

Although the cause of the explosion remains unknown, there are essentially three causes for this. Firstly we may have a serious fault or instability in the battery itself.

Secondly, this phenomenon can be triggered by a defective charger, not original or incompatible with the battery. Thirdly, it may be due to external factors such as extremely hot environments.

Therefore, it is not advisable to charge your smartphone in bed, under the cushion or similar situations. Scenarios that can cause a sudden heating of the smartphone and, consequently, the battery itself.


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