Home NEWS Xiaomi Mi 9 will also arrive in an Explorer Edition

Xiaomi Mi 9 will also arrive in an Explorer Edition

Xiaomi Mi 9 will also arrive in an Explorer Edition

Xiaomi Mi 9, the next and expected smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer’s flagship, will also exist in an Explorer Edition. To unveil this succulent indiscretion was a particularly reliable source, namely the president of the same Xiaomi Lin Bin.

Last year, the Asian manufacturer had proposed its top of the range Mi 8 also in a special variant, called Explorer Edition, which stood out not only from a technical standpoint but also more clearly under the aesthetic one, with an intriguing back cover in a semi-transparent glass that allowed to glimpse the underlying content. In reality, what we saw was not the actual components but simple decorations, but the effect was undoubtedly successful.

This particular model had reached popularity probably higher than the expectations of Xiaomi itself, so much so that the manufacturer had then repeated the same semitransparent colour even on the most valuable variant and available on a global scale Mi 8 Pro.

Presently, the chairman of Xiaomi Lin Bin, on the popular social platform Weibo, after having praised the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, asked how much potential buyers were willing to pay for a similar version of the next Xiaomi Mi 9 (not explicitly mentioned).

MI 8


If an important executive of the brand is exposed in this way means that Xiaomi is concretely considering the possibility of launching a Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition with a semi-transparent back. The idea would undoubtedly be interesting, but Lin Bin himself said that the production of such a variant would not be economic. A similar consideration does not exclude anything, since the same Mi 8 Explorer Edition, although more expensive than the standard variant, was sold out every time it was put on sale.

In the event that a Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition should actually exist, the differences compared to the standard model could only concern the design, while the technical equipment (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, drop notch, triple rear camera etc.) would remain substantially unchanged.


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