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Xiaomi Mi 9 is closer than we expected!

Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. The new top of the Chinese company may be revealed later this month and more information indicates that.

That is, if some of the rumours mentioned that the Xiaomi Mi 9 would only be revealed for May, a year after the Mi 8, it seems that will not happen.

All because a user (and Mi Fan) asked in Weibo social network if the Xiaomi Mi 9 would arrive later this month. In addition, the user did not expect a concrete response, so he asked Xiaomi to respond with an emoji. Xiaomi did it!

Xiaomi Mi 9 may arrive in February!

That being the case, it’s worth it! Xiaomi did not say yes or no, but there he sent the emoji that can confirm the revelation of Xiaomi Mi 9 still in February.

If this happens, it is fully plausible that the Xiaomi Mi 9 can be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. If this happens Xiaomi returns to the big stages after the revelation of the Mi 5 in the same fair.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will be a top of the range to take into consideration

After information that the designer of this Xiaomi Mi 9 is the same as Mi 6, my expectations and anxiety increased. The Mi 6 might not be the most original of the brand (this is for the Mix), but it was a smartphone with an entity that the Mi 8 did not have.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will be a top of the range to take into consideration


The new top of the range will also come with high-end specifications and features like the biometric sensor on the screen. I sincerely hope that wireless charging will also reach the Mi range. Lastly, since we are asking, why not resistance to water and dust?

In short, the only thing I want from Xiaomi Mi 9 is an acceptable price. The Mi 8 is probably one of the best purchases of 2018 and I wanted the Mi 9 to continue the ideology.

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