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Xiaomi Mi 7 – Wireless charging insertion is almost guaranteed

Xiaomi Mi 7

I have previously mentioned that the Xiaomi Mi 7 is one of the smartphones that most look forward to its arrival in 2018. The Chinese company is facing an arduous task, however, it has never disappointed me so far and I do not believe it is this year that makes it.

If you know Xiaomi products you will know that they make quality gadgets for a simply unbelievable price. One of my favorite smartphones last year was the Mi 6 and one of the other Mi Mix 2.

While believing there is room for improvement (and a lot), the Asian company has everything to be successful. If Xiaomi manages to give the Mi 7 a quality camera and a User Interface without the shit and trouble of MIUI, it is a strong candidate to win hearts.

The latest rumors almost confirm that the next Mi 7 will have the ability to charge wirelessly. The Chinese company registered the new technology in the IDT (Wireless Charging ICs IDT) and the registration was shared in the network Weibo. 

If the Xiaomi Mi 7 really brings wireless charging it means the terminal will not have a metal construction. It is then expected to follow the steps of the Xiaomi Mi 6 in glass or the Mi Mix 2 ceramic.

Xiaomi Mi 7 could be revealed in February officially

Needless to say, it is longed for Xiaomi Mi 7 to bring a nice price. However, if the construction of the terminal becomes me pottery, it is also likely that the value will increase slightly.

That Xiaomi radically changes the design of the Mi 7 against the Mi 6. The Mi 6 offers a stylish design, however, the front margins are far from acceptable for a top of the range in 2018 (cof Sony).

We’ll keep an eye on the development of this information, but do not let your opinion go blank. Are you one of those who likes charging wirelessly or does not it make a lot of difference to you?


  1. This device looks appealing already and with the wireless charging insertion its going to be mad.
    I got my eyes on this device.
    Thanks for info.


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