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Xiaomi Mi 7. Sober lines for the next top Android

Xiaomi Mi 7. Sober lines for the next top Android

We are approaching the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2018, the Spanish stage will be chosen by several brands and Android manufacturers to present their new bets. The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi will be one of them and their new bet, the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be one of the great stars of the event.

In the past Lei Jun, CEO of the company, would confirm the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 7 in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. It would also confirm the presence of the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor inside. In short, since early that the expectation around since Android device was on high. Now, with each new leak, we get more and more curious.

Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer wants to get more and more into the international markets. Especially now that it is worth more than 100 billion dollars. Spain will undoubtedly be an excellent stage to get to know the Xiaomi Mi 7 and let us not forget that the presence of the brand in this country is especially strong. Check it out to your official store, Mi Store, in Madrid.

Now everything is aligned so that the next presentation of the brand runs as planned. We should also have an official presentation of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus, catapulting them to international markets. However, the attention will obviously be centered on the best device of the brand, the next Xiaomi Mi 7.

Xiaomi Mi 7 will dazzle the Android market

Today, we have new renders, new digital images created by an artist/designer and technology enthusiast. Images that arrive to us through the CNMO portal and that show us a top of the range Android extremely bold. It will be perfect for anyone who hates screen margins or bezels. We have here an aspect inspired by your current top-of-the-range Mi MIX 2 that continues to snag fan preference. With good reason for that.

Android Oreo and sober lines in Xiaomi Mi 7

We have already seen some leaks or leaks of information in recent weeks. However, its veracity is at least contestable. Something that does not leave us doubts is the fact that the brand is concentrating all its know-how to develop the next top of the range. Here, you would not be surprised if your design was highly inspired by the MIX line.

Indeed, these renders seem to reflect that. The rear of this supposed Xiaomi Mi 7 is more than a Mi MIX 2 slightly retouched. See the position of the fingerprint reader or biometric sensor. See the finish that can be guessed in glass or ceramic.

Android Oreo and sober lines in Xiaomi Mi 7

In the front panel, we have a great inspiration in Mi MIX 2 with some extremely welcome corrections. The front camera disappears from the bottom edge of the device. Something that does not make great or no sense, being very impractical for selfies or video calls.We also have some traces that remind us of the Mi 6 line as the position of the rear chambers and their dual configuration. We also have the double LED flash with a vertical position. In short, we have a mix of elements from one and another group of branded devices.

We also have a screen that fills almost the entire device. With extremely thin bottom and side margins. We only have a necessary upper edge where the sensors and the front camera will be present. Not to mention the handset.

Finally, some rumors suggest that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be aided by some artificial intelligence mechanism although we have not seen much of this evidence to date. With the equipment to be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2018, there is not much left until we can clear up all doubts!


  1. There are always ready to manufacture great devices let’s wait and see when it has been released. Thanks so much.

  2. Beautiful design and well done to Xiaomi for revealing this incredible device. Nice with biometric finger print. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.


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