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Xiaomi Mi 6X – All details on the special edition Hatsune Miku

Introduced in April 2018, the Xiaomi Mi 6X smartphone claims itself as a mid-range device with competitive price. This will be the Android device that will give “body” (hardware) to the Xiaomi Mi A2  and now receives a special edition, Hatsune Miku.

Note that this is not the first time the Chinese manufacturer launches a special and themed edition Hatsune Miku. Last year we would get to know the Redmi Note 4X with a special finish to decorate its rear as well as the turquoise blue color.

The Android smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 6X is accompanied by custom accessories as well as a themed box. We also have several illustrations besides the laser engraving on its back. For all intents and purposes it will be one of the most special editions of the smartphone.

The device would be presented a few days ago, now reaching some Chinese publications. It is thanks to them that we arrive this gallery of images with all the quality and detail so that you can get to know this special edition.

This is the Xiaomi Mi 6X Hatsune Miku Edition

Hatsune Miku’s character is quite popular in Japan. Consequently, the success of the previous smartphone may even have motivated the early launch of this Xiaomi Mi 6X. The Android device can be seen in all its splendor in the following image gallery. It will be a collector’s item, a smartphone sought not only for its intrinsic capabilities but also for its  look . What’s more, we have a whole range of accessories included in the box of this very special Xiaomi.

In itself the Xiaomi Mi 6X Hatsune Miku Edition has a turquoise blue finish with a few touches of green. We also have the lines or bands for the antennas quite disguised. Without forgetting the highlights on the main components of your rear.

Note that both your dual camera and fingerprint reader have a green highlight. They are small touches (or touches) that give a very distinct air and even more appealing to fans of this character.

Android Smartphone has exclusive accessories

We also have a protective TPU case for the Xiaomi Mi 6X with themed designs. All this with a box of its own, a commemorative plaque and a serial number on each of the smartphones.

We also have a powerbank included in each of these “Kits” Hatsune Miku Edition. Note that according to the brand there are only 5000 units so the thematic smartphone is expected to run out soon.

Your price? In China will cost 2099 yuan, about 317 dollars or 272 euros. A very special “package” with exclusive accessories for this xiaomi Mi 6X with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The smartphone will be available from July 3 in China. It is expected to eventually be distributed through online retail stores / platforms.

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