Home NEWS Xiaomi LEX: What to expect from this mysterious smartphone?

Xiaomi LEX: What to expect from this mysterious smartphone?

Xiaomi LEX What to expect from this mysterious smartphone

Xiaomi LEX will be a smartphone that should come out in conjunction with Mi Mix 3 and will feature a button dedicated to their artificial intelligence.

However, the article made me wonder. What does Xiaomi need to launch to become even more solid in the smartphone market? In Nigeria and other countries the company is gaining fame, in turn, is one of the strongest in China. That is, there is not much that the brand can do but continue its good work.

Then I thought again and came to a little conclusion. Please note that my theory may be totally wrong. By the way, my theories go constantly to the post (shame). Still, I think it’s worth thinking of with me.

As I mentioned, Xiaomi is strong on the European market. The Asian company has a huge amount of mid-range. Xiaomi’s smartphones are all identical this year. Almost all with a double rear chamber upright, metal or glass rear and a monocle.

Xiaomi LEX to be revealed with Mi Mix 3

Apart from Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, due to be out in October, Xiaomi does not have a new line. The Chinese brand followed with all its lines what the market was asking for. A monocle and design identical to the iPhone X.

However, the young Asian manufacturer likes to innovate. Usually we have this in Mi Mix 3, but only one smartphone will be enough? That’s why I believe that this alleged Xiaomi LEX may well be a new variant inspired by Vivo. For two specific reasons.

First the name. Xiaomi LEX is identical to Vivo NEX. The first smartphone with an automatic pop-up camera with almost no borders.

Secondly, because Vivo dominates the Chinese market. Vivo is selling more smartphones, followed by OPPO, Huawei and then Xiaomi. That is, Xiaomi will have to follow the ideology of what the public wants.

Will the next Xiaomi smartphone follow Vivo NEX?


If in the West users prefer something identical to iPhones, we have an Mi 8 and a mid-range. If in China they buy Vivo … Oh, no more! It’s time to follow the ideology of Vivo NEX.

Vivo NEX is a fantastic device. Pity, in my opinion, be a great device. However, it is still a good choice for the Asian market. Since the software is not properly prepared for the global market.

So, to end my theory. If this Xiaomi LEX really is a smartphone to be revealed with Mi Mix 3, I hope it will come with identical lines, in certain aspects, to Vivo smartphones. This was a quality move that I liked to see on the part of the Asian brand.


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