Home NEWS Xiaomi launches Xiaoai Speaker HD to rival Google Home

Xiaomi launches Xiaoai Speaker HD to rival Google Home

Xiaomi launches column to rival Google Home

Xiaomi is constantly expanding its range of products. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, clocks, vacuum cleaners, anyway.

In this sense, a new product has been added to its catalog: a smart column. Having functions beyond the sound department, this column is an addition to the home of any technology enthusiast.

Entitled Xiaoai Speaker HD, this smart speaker is Xiaomi’s bet in this market segment. We recently saw this type of columns gaining popularity with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Xiaoai Speaker HD Comes to Compete in the Same Market as Google Home

Firstly, this smart speaker has sub-woofer included, surround sound and an assistant to answer your questions. Aesthetically it has a tower-type design and cloth around with option of two colours, dark grey or light grey.

Secondly, Inside Xiaoai Speaker HD we have a total of 5 drivers. We have 4 speakers at the base to provide that 360 surround sound and the sub-woofer from top to bottom. Additionally, we have equalizer software and to adapt the sound to various environments.

Xiaoai Speaker HD Comes Compete in the Same Market as Google Home


Thirdly we have the smart part of the column. The Xiaoai Speaker HD comes with the XiaoAI wizard, which allows the user to play music and receive feedback via voice commands. These commands are picked up by 6 microphones in the speaker. It is also possible to control other Xiaomi home products such as air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, Smart TVs and lights.

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The Xiaoai HD Speaker for is only available in China for a price of 599 yuan ($87), which gives about 80 euros. Considering this price and its functions, there is no doubt that the launch of such a column in the global market would bring great success. After all, Xiaomi is already known for its excellent value for money.


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