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Xiaomi launches mite vacuum cleaner perfect for when you want to “sleep alone”!

Xiaomi continues to be by far the most relevant manufacturer in a larger number of market segments, continuing to launch fantastic products to help you with virtually every task in your life. The latest gadget they launched to improve your home was the MIJIA Mite Eliminator Wired, an ideal dust mite vacuum cleaner to keep your mattresses and sofas free from these little parasites.

As with many of the your gadgets, this new vacuum cleaner was also launched on the crowdfunding platform Youpin. For the Chinese market, the wired mite vacuum cleaner will be available for just € 25, a price that is quite difficult to resist. For now, we do not know if it will end up reaching the Mi Store stores in Portugal, but it will certainly be available in the usual online stores from China.

Xiaomi Ácaros aspirador colchões

What to expect from this cheap Xiaomi mite vacuum cleaner

Although we cannot make big statements about its performance, the specifications of the MIJIA Wireless Mite Eliminator are impressive. Arrives equipped with a high speed engine with a rotation of 2, 300 RPM. With regard to its suction capabilities, you can count on a total of 12, 000 Pressure Pa.

To maximize its efficiency and ease of use , comes with a very long opening (20 centimeters) and two rotating brushes that facilitate its movement.

Xiaomi aspirador ácaros

With a UV-C sterilization rate of 99, 9% and a hot air dehumidification system (50 ° C), guarantees the elimination of mites and other types of bacteria present in the mattresses.

Finally, to ensure optimum performance, the motorized brush that is positioned at the opening of the vacuum cleaner has an independent motor that makes it rotate at high speed and hit the surface at the same time. Thus, with a beat of up to 10, 000 times per minute, you can clean mattresses in depth.

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