Xiaomi opposes the recession in the smartphone market

How has Xiaomi managed to sell about 100 million smartphones and Android mobile devices in 10 months? I would remind you that this was the goal set by the Chinese manufacturer for the year 2018, and has already been reached.

First, it was several months ago that Android manufacturer declared its intention to reach this goal in 2018. A total of 100 million mobile devices by the end of this calendar year.

However, it was not even necessary to wait for the Christmas season. According to the international press, this goal was reached last month. More specifically at 23:23 hours on October 26, 2018.

In short, Xiaomi will have reached its target for 2018 about 2 months in advance. A bargain that few manufacturers can boast of having achieved or exceeded. In fact, see the example of the Japanese Sony with 1.6 million smartphones sold this quarter.

Xiaomi opposes the recession in the smartphone market

However, the Android manufacturer itself would announce the overcoming of this goal. In that sense, Lei Jun, the CEO of the company would give the good news during a press conference on November 2, 2018. An incredible goal for this Chinese company founded during the year 2010. Month after month, this manufacturer of Android smartphones has shown to the others that it is possible to make good equipment without demanding too much. That is, without putting a price that already exceeds in general the 1000 € for a mobile device of high range.

Xiaomi opposes the recession in the smartphone market

Secondly, at this time Xiaomi is selling an average of 10 million smartphones per month. Therefore, it is entirely plausible that the brand reaches or exceeds the 120 million smartphone brand sold by the end of this year.

Thirdly, this would be an extraordinary feat, especially given the current state of the world smartphone market. I would remind you that this market continues to show signs of saturation. In fact, according to IDC, it contracted 6% in the last quarter.

Android maker is the 4th largest in the global panorama

In short, in a recessionary market it is undoubtedly remarkable that certain manufacturers are able to counter this trend. In the case of Xiaomi the secret to success seems to be based on the excellent price/quality ratio of its device.

However, there are more factors at stake as its increasing bet on the physical market as opposed to online commerce. Not to mention the immense portfolio of Android smartphones of this manufacturer, as well as tablets, gadgets, etc.

Incidentally, we can firstly mention that at the moment Xiaomi is already the 4th largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. It is behind only Samsung, Huawei and Apple but the will is to continue to grow.

In this sense, we can see the latest Strategy Analytics report that shows us the impressive growth of Xiaomi. In short, at the moment this is the second company with the highest growth so it will hardly settle for the 4th place in the global panorama.

Hopefully, the example of Xiaomi can inspire other manufacturers to perhaps lower the price of their devices a little.



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