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Xiaomi follows Huawei and establishes research and development center in Finland


Xiaomi has registered a development and research center in the city of Tampere, Finland. As the Finnish website SuomiMobile advances, the company has officially registered under the name ‘Xiaomi Finland Oy’, and the focus will be the development and research in camera technology.

This is the same city where Nokia had such a center. However, in 2016 Huawei arrived in the city and offered shelter to some Nokia employees, and now works in the same building where Nokia was. Xiaomi is the new big Chinese company coming to town.

Camera technology will be the first focus

Xiaomi follows in the footsteps of Huawei when it comes to meeting employees who specialize in this type of technology. No wonder Huawei P30 Pro is the leader in the camera ranking of DxOMark, and probably the smartphone with the best camera today. With a view to the best in this area, Xiaomi is now committed to developing its camera technology in the country.

In addition to the cameras, Xiaomi will focus on developing and researching software, computer systems and telecommunications equipment in this center. The CEO of Xiaomi Finland – David Arthur Felix – will lead the project.

Partnership with Nokia in view

Xiaomi established a partnership with Nokia in 2017. The agreement was, at that time, centered on patent licensing between the two companies. Nokia has agreed to cede its telecommunications and patent network to Xiaomi. With the arrival of Xiaomi in Finland, we can face a new step in this partnership that already has two years.


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