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Xiaomi DeepExposure: an AI that automatically fixes image exposure and detail

When we want to buy a mobile phone the opinions of the users are divided. Some want the bigger screens. Others prefer the best cameras. DeepExposure may have a great word to say.

In fact, a camera is undoubtedly the most desirable feature. After all we all have moments to remember. It is precisely for this reason that mobile phones have more and more cameras and even added artificial intelligence to give a helping hand.

However, this quality, strange as it may seem, is not always due to hardware. In fact, in this field, the software has a lot to say.

DeepExposure: Software has a huge weight to get the best photo

Applying filters, adjusting color, and adjusting the illumination contributes to the life of images. However, this is not always easy. It is that in many cases the photograph is not homogeneous. That is, the background can have the ideal illumination and the person we are photographing is poorly lit. Sometimes it’s just the opposite.

This is why Xiaomi is working on an artificial intelligence solution. Something they decided to call AI “DeepExposure”.

How it works?

Looking at the document explaining the process, DeepExposure divides a multi-segment image and adjusts the exposure for each part separately. From there, all the segments are combined, resulting in a very bright image and several details. Xiaomi has trained the artificial intelligence system with 3000 photos from the MIT-Adobe FiveK dataset, which includes RAW photos and retouched by experts. With a photograph properly exposed, the previously deleted details become visible and the highlights are maintained.

There are already many companies that use AI to improve the images. Google, for example, has released Night Sight on Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Similar to DeepExposure, Night Sight uses algorithms to analyze different levels of exposure and combines them into a properly lit image. OnePlus tries to achieve a similar effect with its own night mode on OnePlus 6T. Huawei also uses AI in its camera to detect scenes before the picture is taken, adjust filters and even for video editing.

It’s true that using two cameras gives a great deal of help. However, artificial intelligence can do a lot for the Device. Thus, Xiaomi’s DeepExposure may be the solution to bring the best photos to all devices.

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