Home NEWS Xiaomi buys 65 million shares of BlackBerry owner and Alcatel

Xiaomi buys 65 million shares of BlackBerry owner and Alcatel

Xiaomi buys 65 million shares of BlackBerry owner and Alcatel

Xiaomi decided to attack the market as they purchase 65 million shares of TCL, which bought BlackBerry and Alcatel.

Although it is not the first time that Chinese companies have entered into a partnership, the purchase of shares by Xiaomi gives us to understand that the relationship is better than ever.

But do not imagine that 65 million shares will give Xiaomi much authority at TCL. According to the information, this volume corresponds to only 0.48% of the company.

Xiaomi buys only 0.48% of TCL in this deal

Of course, this is why the shares of “TCL Corporation” is only 0.34 € ( 2.66  CNY). After all, assuming that Xiaomi bought TCL shares at a time when the price was right now, the young Chinese company spent about 22 million Euros on this investment. 

But what can you expect from this partnership?

Xiaomi is not looking at this investment for the mobile world. At least for now. Although TCL is the owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel, Xiaomi’s investment objective is to bring more engineering, knowledge and production capacity to home-made products.

In fact, TCL is a perfect example of how to make quality products at a reduced price. Although in the smartphone segment continue to not lead, the Chinese company has a good prominence in televisions and air-conditioned. The segment where Xiaomi also starts to enter.

Can we expect Xiaomi to invest even more in TCL?

Since the purpose of this “small” investment goes through different areas that Xiaomi is still exploring, I do not think we see a Xiaomi buying more shares or “power” within TCL. But we know nothing about the future. We all know the name that BlackBerry has in the market. Reconciling Xiaomi with BlackBerry security would not be badly thought out.


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