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Xiaomi Blackshark A Smartphone with an amazing score on AnTuTu


Xiaomi has already inhabited us with its smartphones with great price/quality ratio to the best input devices you can find in the market. Yes, especially with its economic devices the brand has managed to impose itself before the giants. In fact, in the 2nd largest market in the world, according to Canalys, Xiaomi will have already surpassed Samsung. Now you may be preparing to introduce a mysterious device, I can now see the Xiaomi BlackShark smartphone on AnTuTu.

Personally, I do not think we can even talk about the “category” of smartphones for gaming. For now we only have one example, the Razer Phone and even this is a niche device within a niche itself (the Gaming world). However, I have no doubt that Xiaomi is preparing an extremely powerful new smartphone. After all, the score recorded in AnTuTu so indicates.

This mysterious smartphone was discovered in the Chinese social network, Weibo. It would, however, be shared and reported first hand by the publication gadgets 360.Now, it’s time to look at this beautiful score on AnTuTu and to equate what it can represent.

Is it a smartphone for Xaiomi games? Personally, I do not think so. Because? Now, all this “niche” is just that, a peculiarity within an increasingly saturated market. Even so, I recognize that they can gain new impetus in the near future and influence more and more brands to bet on the Gaming segment within the mobile market.

Xiaomi BlackShark, the Xiaomi gaming smartphone?

As processors, graphics and memories become faster. As the batteries increase in capacity and autonomy. As the screens increase the refresh rate, even on a smartphone, I believe that little by little a small segment of gaming smartphones can emerge. This of course, if also the gaming industry will increasingly create titles that can take advantage of a whole new category of smartphones. One hand washes the other or in this case, one hand will help the other. Well, what will bring us this Xiaomi BlackShark?

Xiaomi BlackShark?

Now, according to the international press, the Razer Phone has caused waves of commotion all over China. Being this the native country of Xiaomi and being the Chinese manufacturer always looking for the next challenge, can Xiaomi BlackShark be effectively a smartphone for games?

The listing in the application of tests and  benchmarks , AnTuTu does not mind. This is a new smartphone with the code name Xiaomi BlackShark and its intimidating score. Incidentally, it is one of the best scores ever recorded on the AnTuTu platform.

Xiaomi Blackshark Antutu
Xiaomi Blackshark Antutu

What does AnTuTu show us?

Their specifications are just as impressive. We have here the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the new engine of the North American manufacturer. We also have the Adreno 630 graphics to complete the “heart” of Xiaomi BlackShark. Without forgetting the 8GB of RAM and … just 32GB of internal storage. This last parameter raises “some” doubts regarding the veracity of this listing in AnTuTu.

We can also see the reference to a screen with Full-HD + resolution of 1080x 2160 pixels with the new format 18: 9. The dimensions of this screen are not known, not even the technology (IPS or OLED) used in its construction. Just the resolution, the Full-HD + we’ll see on multiple devices this year.

How powerful is this smartphone according to AnTuTu?

According to this listing of AnTuTu, a lot! With an overall score of 270,680 the Xiaomi BlackShark surpasses even the Samsung Galaxy S9. Incidentally, it also surpasses the Razer Phone by more than 100 thousand points. They are values that impress, of course, assuming that the listing is true.

The score differential is great to the point where we can count on significant differences in performance. If Xiaomi BlackShark is preparing to be a Gamingsmartphone,  then it’s really on the right track.

Razer Phone may have a rival in Xiaomi BlackShark

Razer Phone may have a rival in Xiaomi BlackShark

We also have the presence, the reference to the Android Oreo 8.0 operating system. If this Xiaomi BlackShark even exists, it would also arrive with the official ROM, the brand interface, MIUI. Again, something that leaves us behind in all this information leakage is the 32GB of internal storage. For a smartphone that wants to top it, it’s glaring this value.

However, there is a small flame of hope that gives some credence to all this. Xiaomi has a brand called Black Shark, one of its subsidiaries. In turn, this company specializes in mobile gaming or mobile gaming industry. In this way, it would be plausible that a possible smartphone released would be called Xiaomi BlackShark. For now, it remains a mystery.

It may also be just a smartphone prototype. This prototype was tested on the AnTuTu platform. This could help explain why 32GB of internal memory is in a high-end device. Sure, you should read all this with a good degree of skepticism. Until the official presentation, everything can change. In fact, this smartphone cannot be more than a fallacy.


  1. This is awesome! Xiaomi always invented impressive things, expensive but very quality and at times not much expensive. Let’s Wait keh.. Thanks for the info..


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