Home NEWS Xiaomi attacked Apple with the bundles XR, XS and XS Max!

Xiaomi attacked Apple with the bundles XR, XS and XS Max!

Xiaomi attacked Apple with the bundles XR, XS and XS Max!

It is true that an iPhone has never been known as a cheap option … But this year Apple has managed to raise it to a whole new level! With the cheaper Xr model costing € 879, the Xs cost € 1179 and the new ‘Plus’ Xs Max costing a whopping € 1279!

That said, in China Xiaomi decided to first laugh at the launch, and then send ‘a barb’ to the rival! In an authentic white glove plate, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to launch some bundles with the same new iPhone! And of course, with the same price:

  • Bundle Xiaomi Xr – CNY 6499 ($ 946)
  • Bundle Xiaomi Xs – CNY 8699 ($ 1266)
  • Bundle Xiaomi Xs Max – CNY 9599 ($ 1397)

However, it does not only offer mobile phones! You will be able to find not only a mobile phone! But also a top laptop, one of the best fitness wristbands on the market and still a Bluetooth headset!

Let’s see in detail what Xiaomi decided to put in each Bundle!

Xiaomi XR

Well, for the price of the cheapest iPhone in 2018, Xiaomi includes an Mi 8 SE smartphone with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, a Mi Notebook Air (8GB / 256GB), a Mi Band 3, and a hands-free kit Bluetooth.

Xiaomi XR


Xiaomi XS

In parallel, for the price of the iPhone Xs, Xiaomi decides to exchange the Mi 8 SE for a Mi Mix 2S (8GB / 256GB) and also includes a notebook Notebook Mi 13.3 Air! The Mi Band 3 and the Bluetooth headset are still in the package.


Xiaomi XS Max

For the price of the iPhone Xs Max, or Apple’s most expensive smartphone … Xiaomi offers a Mi 8 smartphone (6GB / 128GB), a Mi Notebook Pro laptop, a Mi Band 3 and a Bluetooth headset (unlike the other model).

Xiaomi XS Max

However, this move by Xiaomi is exclusive to China. Which is a shame, because no doubt these bundles look extremely appetizing!


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