Home NEWS Xiaomi announces the new Mi Smart Sneakers 2 tennis shoes for 26$

Xiaomi announces the new Mi Smart Sneakers 2 tennis shoes for 26$

Xiaomi announces the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 tennis shoes for 27 €
Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 tennis shoes

Xiaomi smart shoes or sneakers. Did you already know this fashion accessory / smart gadget for your day-to-day? Then let me introduce you to the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2. The second generation comes with a very low price of $ 31 or $ 26.

This is the second generation of smart shoes from the Chinese manufacturer led by Lei Jun . This is the 4th largest manufacturer of smartphones in Europe and the 4th largest manufacturer in the world, also has a vast portfolio of gadgets.

Now, after April 2017 we have known the first generation of smart tennis (analysis at the end of the article), we now have the 2nd generation. Indeed, they are called Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2, being produced by the sub-brand Mijia.

The price of the first generation made the product’s success almost inevitable. True to its imposition of a maximum profit margin of 5% for each product, the new tennis costs the equivalent of 26 €. Something that shows us right away the absurd prices practiced by the established brands (personal note).

The new Xiaomi My Smart Sneakers 2 arrived!

The new Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 come to replace one of the brand’s most acclaimed products. They improve their design, look even more daring and sporty with improvements in all aspects. We can also see more attention to the finishes and details of this new product for young audiences. Or for those who simply look for a new, lightweight, comfortable, economical and “smart” footwear.

This year the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 dare not raise the price of their predecessors, something that will surely please the fans. Moreover, we have improvements here on all fronts. It is now available in blue, orange, black and white.

These are the new smart shoes from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 are built using the Uni-Molding process to ensure that all 5 layers blend perfectly. Each of its 5 layers is separated from the others by a polyurethane film . It is this same film that unites each of the various layers of the new sneakers or smart sneakers.

The manufacturer points out that the appearance of any product will be more uniform. This is because all layers are closer than ever. Moreover, they claim that it will be much more difficult to create cracks or glue failures that pose a threat to the structure of tennis.

Another of the consequences of the new molding process will be the enhancement of stability and consequently the comfort of these shoes. Also highlighted is the new INFUSE material used in the central section of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2. This material was designed by Dow Chemical (DuPont).

It should also be mentioned that you can put these sneakers in the washing machine when it is time to clean them. Something that allows us to foresee a reinforcement of the whole integrity of the product, being more durable than its predecessor.

We also have a new finish on the top of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2, a three-dimensional finish. Here a fabric-to-elastic mixture of high durability is used.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Sneakers 2 are available in 4 colours

Here, the manufacturer does not emphasize the presence of the smart chip or intelligent module that will communicate with your smartphone. However, since the previous generation had one, it is expected that the same will happen in the 2nd generation.

White. Orange. Blue. Black (dark gray). These are the four colors in which the new tennis will be available. At this time its price will be 31 dollars or 27 euros for its home market, China.

The product will be available from June 11 through the official store of Xiaomi and eventually will also reach online retail chains.


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