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Xiaomi announces the global distribution of MIUI 10 in its Beta version
Xiaomi MIUI 10

Xiaomi announces the global distribution of MIUI 10 in its Beta version

Presented officially on May 31, 2018, the MIUI 10 is the latest version of the interface user (UI) official Xiaomi, based on the Android Oreo. I also brought the smartphones Xiaomi  Mi 8Mi 8 Explorer Edition and Mi 8 SE, now starting to be distributed in its global Beta version.

Now, after we have gotten to know the “new” Android smartphone, the Xmiomi Redmi Y2, we also watched the release of the MIUI 10. It should be noted that at this time is only the test version that is coming to all interested in testing the news.

As it is still a test version, it is not the stable and global version. This will reach every smartphone elected, probably from late summer 2018 or early fall.

Even so, this test version, the Global beta, shows us several improvements and innovations with regard to MIUI 9.5. Indeed, being based on Android Oreo brings us from new sounds of the interface, an enhancement of AI and better quality for the cameras.

Arrived at MIUI 10 in its global beta!

This MIUI 10 promises to give smartphones that only have a rear camera, the possibility of creating photos with the bokeh effect. That is, images with the background blurred, giving more prominence and relief to the person or central object. Here the keyword is artificial intelligence (AI), responsible for “magic” in these photographs. In addition, we have a whole new range of interface sounds, now inspired by nature. From new message alerts until you turn the Android device screen on or off (lock). Here the keyword being attention to the small details.

MIUI 10 Restructured UI Elements
MIUI 10 Restructured UI Elements

The MIUI 10 is something perfectly suited to large screens. Screens with the format or default 18: 9. In other words, we have here an interface prepared for displays with the format or standard 18: 9.

We also pay more attention to the performance, speed, performance and overall speed of the entire interface. Relying on Google’s Android Oreo, it modifies all aspects of it.

Gestures for navigation in this MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo

Something that could both attract or divert new users to this official ROM of Xiaomi. In any case, we also have a new structure for presenting the contents so that they also take advantage of the new screens. Big ones. High. Narrows – 18: 9.

MIUI 10 Full Screen Display Gestures
MIUI 10 Full-Screen Display Gestures

In terms of performance, here we will also have the contribution of artificial intelligence. In effect, it will be thanks to this AI that the whole interface will be faster, anticipating the actions of the user. Something that will translate into faster application opening.

Also in the sound department, alerts and notifications will have a new range of sounds. Now drawing on the sounds of nature, with a new sound (unique) for each type of notification.

After this, we have announced the complete list of devices. We also know that by the middle of June will reach all the elected devices. Again, in its Global Beta version (trial version). Unstable or bug- free version.

And you, do you plan to test MIUI 10 in its Global beta?

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