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Xiaomi and Redmi announce new partnerships with TCL and TikTok

Just a few days before the presentation of the first Redmi- branded smartphone, the Xiaomi brand has become independent for a few days, two official announcements come in as many strategic partnerships for Xiaomi and Redmi.

On January 4, Xiaomi acquired over 65 million shares, equal to 0.48% of the entire shareholding, of TCL. The operation follows an agreement signed last December 29 in order to make the two companies more effective.

The collaboration should allow the development of new smart devices for the home, both for the smart TV sector and for other solutions. A  Xiaomi it will be part of the search, development and design, while TCL will provide its expertise in the production and their supply chain.

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An important collaboration also for Redmi, a brand that has recently become independent and ready to explore the online content market thanks to TikTok, a social network launched a couple of years ago in China and dedicated to the creation of short musical clips to which numerous effects can be applied Special.

At the moment, no details have been provided and it will be necessary to wait until January 10, when the first Redmi- branded smartphone will be presented, to find out more about this partnership.

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