Home NEWS Xiaomi 36notes SmartPad: A smart notebook with fantastic price

Xiaomi 36notes SmartPad: A smart notebook with fantastic price

Xiaomi 36notes SmartPad A smart notebook with fantastic price

Xiaomi surprised again by presenting a smart notebook for less than € 35. The Xiaomi 36notes SmartPad (36notes Smart Handwritten Notepad) is a gadget that looks more like a sci-fi movie.

While this gadget is not for sale to all customers, Xiaomi lovers in China can already support the idea on the brand’s crowdfunding website. That is, this is one of those gadgets that makes us dream about living in China. Xiaomi is one of the most relevant brands in the Asian market, however, it still does not bring a third of its technology to the West.

Xiaomi reveals a smart notebook for less than € 35

But there are ways to get gadgets from the Asian manufacturer even without living in China. The Portuguese and Brazilians look a lot at websites from China to do so. Unfortunately, we have no idea if Xiaomi’s smart notebook will be available on those websites.

Xiaomi reveals a smart notebook for less than € 35


This new Xiaomi 36notes SmartPad is more than just a notebook. The pages are made with special material with magnetic resonance technology that with a simple push on the smart pen takes you everything written on the pages for the smartphone. That is, it is a notebook that can make your scribbles in digital format.

For what was mentioned, the price of € 35 includes the special pen, however, it was not stated how much it will cost the notebook without the pen. After all, after you have her, you do not need more.


The crowdfunding says that the value of the pack will be 249 yuan (35 €). In fact, it also points out that it will begin to be sent to all customers who bought on January 7.

So, we can imagine that if the gadget really gets to the stores from China that export to our country, this happens only in the middle of 2019.

In short, there is no day that Xiaomi does not impress me. Today we show how magical the back cover of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is and a few days ago we wrote about its smart lock that is worth knowing. Hopefully, only this kind of gadgets will not be restricted to China. Brand lovers in the West are fed up with mouthwatering.


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