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“World's stupidest use for a MacBook with an M1 processor”

Several early reviews of the M1-based MacBook have focused on the battery life, speed and temperature of the computer compared to its predecessors and other brands on the market.

MacBook con chip M1
MacBook with M1 chip and Tesla Model 3

However and as usually happens days after first impressions, other analysts focus on very specific tests , and many times even ridiculous.

Thus, Quinn Nelson, creator of the YouTube channel Snazzy Labs, has experimented how it works the Tesla application on your Mac M1 in order to control the vehicle and even act as a key, an action that is generally executed from a mobile device. But of course Nelson needed to prove a point.

The biggest key in a Tesla has Apple’s M1 chip

One of the features that allows the new M1 processor is the execution of iPhone and iPad apps.

Developers can choose not to have their apps offered on the Mac App Store, but that doesn’t stop people from downloading the actual IPA file on their Mac M1 and run any iPhone or iPad application on laptop . Just what Nelson has done.

As you can see in the video that the renowned youtuber has published on his Twitter account, his new Apple Silicon MacBook Air is unlocking with downloaded Tesla app . He then entered his new “key” for his Model 3, taking advantage of the laptop’s Bluetooth connection to control his car.

I have the world’s biggest car key and the world’s stupidest use for an M1 Mac. Pic.twitter.com/oSqvVZHh1p

— Quinn Nelson (@SnazzyQ) November 23, 2020

The test confirmed one of the possibilities of the new M1 processor, however it is stupid, as Nelson himself described it, given the lack of practicality which represents controlling a vehicle from a computer.

«I have the largest car key in the world and I use world’s stupidest for a Mac M1. »

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