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With first-quarter revenue of $ 2.6 billion, eBay exceeds analyst expectations

On Tuesday (23) eBay reported the financial results for its first half of 2019 (the period between January and March), which were slightly higher than the analysts’ expectations.

E-commerce closed the period with revenue of $ 2.6 billion, net income of $ 518 million and a $ 0.67 increase in the value of each share of the company. The numbers slightly surpass analysts’ expectations, which expected revenues of $ 2.58 billion and a $ 0.63 cents per share increase in the period.

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As always, most of this value came from eBay’s marketplace platforms, which accounted for $ 2.2 billion of all revenue accumulated in the period. In the same period, the company still announced a 4% increase in its user base, at the same time as there was a 4% decrease in the total quantity of goods sold. This means that not only did most people start using eBay in the period, but they started to buy smaller and higher value products.

Meanwhile, StubHub, an eBay subsidiary specializing in the sale of tickets for various events (musical shows, plays, sporting events and other types of live entertainment events) closed the period with a revenue of $ 230 eBay arm that makes it easy to find products for sale in the region where the user lives) closed the same period with a revenue of $ 256 million – an increase of about 4% for both when compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Looking ahead, eBay expects to close the second quarter of 2019 with an increase between $ 0.61 and $ 0.63 worth of each share, plus one of $ 2.64 billion and $ 2.69 billion. Meanwhile, analysts forecast revenue of $ 2.65 billion and a $ 0.60 increase in the value of each share in the same period. For the full year 2019, eBay expects total revenue to be between $ 10.83 billion and $ 10.93 billion, while Wall Street analysts expect $ 10.85 billion.

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