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Windows Lite – It seems that Chrome OS is about to have a rival

It seems that Microsoft is working hard at a rival, to the increasingly popular Chrome OS of Google, called Windows Lite, or perhaps … Only ‘Lite’.

If by chance this name is not strange to you, it is because Microsoft is trying to enter this carousel for many years! Remember Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows 10 S? All attempts to ‘kill’ the Chromebook … With very little success by the way.

Interestingly, it seems that Windows Lite operates quite similarly to Windows 10 S, running only Universal Windows Platform software and ‘Progressive Web’ Apps. However, it looks like there are some modifications! It seems that Microsoft is adapting its revenue to try to have some success in the market.

After all, there are some references to this ‘Lite’ Operating System in the latest Windows Insider builds and SDKs. Something that ends up revealing a bit of what Microsoft is planning to do with the OS.

Windows Lite SDK

In short, it seems that this Operating System will not be put on the market for the conventional user … It was not even designed for the enterprise or server market … The idea is to use it only on ‘light’ and ‘always on’ devices!

And so, Microsoft will also differentiate this Windows by implementing a completely different interface.

Incidentally, the latest leaks/rumors suggest that the name will not even be Windows! That is, Microsoft is trying to create something really new and unique, which could give the first air of its grace in ‘Project Centaurus’ … A significant larger version of the Surface Phone we heard so much earlier in the year.

However, Surface Phone (Project Andromeda) has not been canceled, and may still hit the market somewhere in 2019 or 2020.

Having said all this, we still do not know much about the new Operating System, we do not even know when we will receive more news … The best thing to do is to stay alert! Because on the Internet, it is more than seen, it is not possible to keep secrets for a long time.

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